We have been providing quality logistic support to our partners for more than 20 years.
We are offering a one-step solution for all logistic operations.

We arrange the planning, organization, supervision, and implementation of supply chain operations.

Logistic support and 3PL outsourcing

We take over all of your purchasing, distribution, and after-sales logistic operations. We allow you to focus on your core business and to entrust us with your supply chain efforts.

For several years, we have been supplying quality logistic outsourcing to the companies entrusting us with their supply chain. This means we take care of all the operations that are needed to ensure that your production, sales, or after-sales services are never lacking proper support.

4PL Logistic Engineering

With your collaboration, we analyse the current status of your supply chain and, based on your wishes and needs, we design and implement a supply chain that enables cost-optimization without any losses at the service level your clients expect.

Our services

Logistic Projects

We offer you support in carrying out demanding logistic operations at home and abroad.

Production Line Relocation

We stand out in relocating the entire production lines and in logistic support in the investment works abroad.

Fair Logistics

With our network of partners we provide logistic support necessary for an appearance at fairs and exhibitions all over the world.

Oversized Cargo

In the territory of ​​geographical Europe, we provide transportation of shipments dimensionally inadequate for transport by road or for those where transport by sea is a more economical solution.

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